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Divisiveness, dissension hurting the Hoosiers

Posted on: January 20, 2012 2:42 pm
The difference between the Hoosiers now and the early season (basically their play in the Big Ten) is that now they seem to be sleep-walking through games. There appears (to me) to be an air of divisiveness and dissenion on the team as a whole. Which is not characteristic  of Hoosier basketball. I am not going to quote statistics (not my thing) but it seems as if Jones just hasn't shown up to play, Hulls seems to think that he has to carry the whole team on his back (he dribbles way damn too much, won't take the open shot, too often misses the open man). Crean is helluva Coach, but he can't do anything himself on the floor--that's all up to the boys. I'm sticking my neck out here and I admit it--but I think there seems to be some attitude of resentment toward Zeller. he gets far too few touches on the ball. One of the sources of the abyssmal turnover rate is ill-advised bounce passes. 

I think (and this obvious to everybody, I think) that turnovers are an indication of a team not playing as a team.

I am a big Crean fan, but i think in the instance of what I see as divisiveness and lackadaisical play among individual players, a good old time BK butt-kicking might be in order.  
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